When it comes to ice cream, we’re very, very picky.

We've always insisted on the good stuff. Rich. Luscious. Indulgent. With natural flavors that stand out from the pale imitations.

But even the best ice cream flavors on the market seemed lackluster when we discovered the taste of single-origin chocolates and vanillas. Made from a single variety of indigenous cacao or vanilla and harvested from a single region, these one-of-a-kind flavors are more intense, more complex, more exciting than any we’d tasted. We knew at once that single-origin ice creams would be ice cream nirvana. And it was up to us to make them.

Choctál is born. The rest is ice cream history.

We built our company with a mission: to make the highest-quality product with the most delicious, single-origin chocolate and vanilla flavor profiles the world has to offer. So we sampled cacao and vanilla from rainforests around the globe. And we chose eight distinct, robust flavor origins—four chocolates and four vanillas—to launch our new ice cream line.

Our name is an homage to the ancient, indigenous cultures that revered cacao as “food from the gods.” They used this sacred ingredient in a drink they called “Xocolatl,” “Cachuatl,” or “Chocotal.” In their honor, we named our company Choctál.


Along with better ice cream, a better world.

Thinking about the rainforests where our cacao and vanilla grow makes us want to treat our planet kindly. That means not only insisting on sustainable practices, but also helping people wherever we can. As a member of 1% For The Planet, we have pledged to donate 1% of our annual sales in the countries in which we do business. From our source countries to our local communities, we’re committed to giving back.

Wherever Choctál has a presence, we’re doing just that. We’ve hosted ice cream socials at shelters and missions across Southern California. Want to see us in action? KTTV News featured our company and community activities in a segment of Gina’s People. Watch the 2-minute video.

Keeping our corporate commitment.

We’re currently working to become a Certified B Corporation, a for-profit organization that considers society and the environment in its business decisions. Certified B Corporations voluntarily meet higher standards of transparency, accountability and performance. Our goal is to meet all requirements by the end of 2017.

Want to know more about Choctál and our single-origin philosophy?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by “single-origin” flavors?

It’s a simple concept—one you’re already familiar with in varietal wines and whole-bean coffees. It means that a single variety of plant from a single region is used as the key flavor ingredient, whether grapes, coffee beans or, in our case, cacao and vanilla. Each local variety has a very distinctive flavor profile. The differences are masked in products with blended flavors, but they shine in single-origin products like Choctál.

People who sample several Choctál origins are often amazed at how different two chocolate or vanilla ice creams can taste. Not to mention the depth and complexity of our flavors.


What’s the percentage of cacao in your chocolate ice cream?

The percentage of cacao on a product label tells you what portion of the product’s total weight comes from cocoa beans. A higher cacao content means greater flavor intensity and less added sugars. For Choctál chocolate ice creams, the figure ranges from 10% to 12%.


Is Choctál Fair Trade?

Fair Trade certification is a complicated issue. For example, Fair Trade doesn’t always address issues such as child labor and environmental sustainability. And some of our suppliers can’t receive Fair Trade certification because the required business models are impossible in their countries.

While most of our ingredients are not certified Fair Trade, we always focus on sourcing our ingredients through socially responsible companies that share our environmental concerns and treat their employees fairly. Several have aligned themselves with the United Nations Global Compact.


Is Choctál organic?

Although some of our suppliers do sell organic products, our ice creams are not 100% organic. Our priority is sourcing through socially responsible companies and, whenever possible, directly from the supplier.

What’s the nutritional analysis of Choctál?

Choctál is a super-premium ice cream, which means it must contain at least 16% butterfat. We use all natural, high-quality ingredients with no artificial additives, eggs or gluten. Clearly, Choctál is an indulgent treat. But it’s so rich and creamy that moderate portions are wonderfully satisfying.

Do you sell other products?

We take our commitment to single-origin chocolate and vanilla seriously.  We plan to expand into other product lines and are in the early stages of new product development.


Do you do events?

Yes, we bring Choctál to a variety of events. After all, who doesn’t love ice cream? You’ll find the Choctál team at food and wine festivals, as well as special celebrations hosted by worthy organizations.

While we can’t participate in every event we’d like to, we’ll be happy to discuss the ways we can best partner with your organization, including making product donations. Email us at info@choctál.com or call us at 855-424-6282 to learn more.


Do you cater?

Definitely! We’d love to talk to you about serving Choctál at your wedding, party, meeting or any other occasion. To learn about the different options we offer, please call 855-424-6282.