The scoop on single-origin ice creams.

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If you think all chocolates and vanillas are alike, you don’t know beans.

The cacao beans from Costa Rica and Kalimantan produce cocoas as different as, well, wines from Burgundy and Beaujolais. The same is true of high-quality vanillas: your taste buds can clearly tell Mexico from Madagascar.

Like fine varietal wines and gourmet coffees, Choctál ice creams are made from single-origin ingredients—one variety of cacao or vanilla, harvested from a single region. It’s the unique flavor profile of each local variety that gives Choctál chocolates and vanillas their deliciously distinctive nuances. You’ll also find them richer and more intense than the blended flavors in most ice creams. To understand the difference, read our tasting notes  below.

The perfect ice cream? Some people think so.

Besides single-origin ingredients, we add more chocolate or vanilla than most ice creams— and less air. (Who likes the taste of air?) Our all-natural cream base contains no artificial additives, eggs or gluten. No wonder notable foodie Ruth Reichl called Choctál “the perfect chocolate ice cream.”

We suggest you sample all our flavor origins to find your favorites. We guarantee you’ll never want to settle for ordinary chocolate or plain vanilla again.

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The coastal West African country of Ghana has a global reputation for the premium cacao it produces on small, family-owned farms.

The flavor profile of the resulting ice cream is rich and full-bodied, with a milk chocolate character and a rich, long, fudge-like essence.

Ghana Chocolate

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The tropical nation of Indonesia, an archipelago of more than 18,000 islands, lies between the Pacific and Indian Oceans in Southeast Asia. This unique geography, known for its incredible flowers, also creates rare woody and floral vanilla beans.

The resulting ice cream’s full-bodied flavor is a classic-vanilla; smooth and creamy with a slight almond accent.

Indonesian Vanilla

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Kalimantan, on the exotic and mysterious island of Borneo, produces cacao beans from which come a cocoa that creates an, intense, pure chocolate ice cream.

The slightest hint of caramel at the end of its long, sumptuous finish only enhances its unique flavor profile.

Kalimantan Chocolate

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Originally grown only in French Polynesia, these exotic Tahitian vanilla beans spread throughout the Pacific Basin and are now cultivated in the lowlands of Papua New Guinea.

Extracted from plump, flavorful, finely cured beans, the ice cream is slightly fruity with notes of cherry that linger on the palate during a long lush finish.

Papua New Guinea Vanilla

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Beneath the soaring canopy of Costa Rica’s lush rainforest grow some of the finest cacao beans in the world. The exceptional cocoa that results provides the essence of this rich, enticing ice cream.

It has lively, well-balanced cacao flavors rounded by sweet notes of coffee with a hint of butterscotch.

Costa Rican Chocolate

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In the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa, lies the island of Madagascar, one of the finest sources of vanilla in the world.

Elegant, smooth and intensely creamy, this ice cream combines pure Bourbon vanilla with flakes of vanilla beans. Its rich, complex and long-lasting vanilla has a deep, buttery flavor that is utterly seductive.

Madagascar Vanilla

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Cocoa from the Caribbean island of Hispaniola creates this ice cream with an aromatic, dark chocolate flavor profile.

Its subtle aromatic dark chocolate flavor is complimented by wisps of clove and nutmeg on its finish.

Dominican Chocolate

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Villages around Papantla, “the city that perfumed the world,” and the Mexican gulf coast city of Vera Cruz have been producing singularly flavorful vanilla for over a thousand years.

The complex sweet and spicy characteristic of classic Mexican vanilla is enhanced with the slightest added touch of cinnamon, unlocking a hidden note of coconut on the back of the palate.

Mexican Vanilla

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